Vish Narendra

SVP & CIO, Global Business Services

Vish Narendra is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Global Business Services at Graphic Packaging International. He is leading the digital transformation of the business through factory automation, S&OP and supply chain optimization - on track to deliver $50MM+ working capital and margin improvements. Vish is responsible for building an e-commerce model for the company that delivered ~$1MM in new channel sales and built digital marketing capabilities to capture growth in emerging market segments. Additionally, he has created a holistic enterprise risk approach, integrating SOX, governance and cyber security to strengthen GPI’s risk posture. 

Before joining GPI, Vish spent time at General Electric as CIO of various segments of the business.

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September 7, 2022

On the ninth episode of Enterprise Software Innovators, Vish Narendra, CIO & SVP, Global Business Services of Graphic Packaging International, joins the show for a conversation about exciting technologies being deployed at GPI and how CIOs can embrace innovation to drive sustainable digital transformation in the enterprise.


How Innovative Technologies are Optimizing Workflows at GPI
September 7, 2022

Read about Vish's perspective on the exciting innovations happening at Graphic Packaging International and how businesses can execute a sustainable digital transformation.

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