Diana McKenzie

Former CIO

Diana McKenzie is a technology advisor, board member, and former Chief Information Officer with over 30 years of leadership experience gained from growing, scaling, and transforming global businesses in the Life Sciences and Software Industry with revenues ranging from $3-20B.

As the former CIO for Workday and Amgen, she serves on the boards of MetLife, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Paradox. She serves as a Special Advisor at Brighton Park Capital and functions as a technology advisor and investor in a number of healthcare technology and brain-health-focused startups.

A thought leader and frequent speaker on digital transformation and diversity, she co-founded the Silicon Valley Women’s CIO Network in 2017. She remains active as an advisor to World50’s CIO community and volunteers philanthropically as a Board Member of the T200 Foundation, an NFP CXO Women in Technology community focused on supporting and lifting the next generation of women leaders in technology. 

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May 11, 2022

On the seventh episode of Enterprise Software Innovators, Diana McKenzie, former CIO at Workday joins the show to share her views on the positive impacts of being a customer-facing CIO and the technologies she sees driving real innovation in the biotech industry.


Being a Customer-Facing CIO
May 11, 2022

Read about Diana's perspective on the importance of being a customer-facing CIO and the innovations she's most excited about in biotech.

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